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Hot and sexy Patricia Heaton won two consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, for her portrayal of fuckalicious MILF Debra Barone on CBS’ hit comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond. Patricia’s acting career spans TV, theatre and films. If you would like to see more Patricia Heaton naked photos, just click on the link.

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Patricia Heaton  turned out to be an unlikely sex symbol when she unexpectedly gained the lusty attention of male televiewers. This hot mom’s first book, Motherhood and Hollywood, hit the best-seller lists. Married and the mother of four boys, Patricia wrote a collection of essays chronicling her childhood, her years of struggle as an aspiring actress, and how she balances her career and family with her current success on television.

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This fuckable domestic piece of hot ass was born and bred in Ohio, she acted on Broadway in the musical Don’t Get God Started, before making her way to Los Angeles and to roles in television series such as Room For Two, Someone Like Me and thirtysomething. Her movie credits include The New Age, Beethoven and Space Jam. Patricia Heaton co-starred alongside Kelsey Grammer in the short-lived sitcom Back to You. For more Patricia Heaton slutty pictures in a variety of fucking positions, just click on this link.