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October 25th, 2016

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Patricia Heaton has her own secrets from a few years back when she’s so into teasing her hubby who is just in the other room of their house, recording herself while sprawled naked on a chair and playing with her wet cunt using her vibrator. And, like they always say, no secret remains hidden that’s why this leaked masturbation video has found its way in our site! Enjoy watching Heaton pleasure herself until she reaches orgasm and squirm wildly on that chair.

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June 9th, 2016

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Patricia Heaton may be brought up as a devout Catholic and all the goodness that it entails to be one, people would always expect her to only do things that are pleasing, you know, for the general public. And though she’s pro-life and a part of advocacies which value engaging in safe sex and being responsible sexual human beings by using protection, she seems to forget to do as she preaches at times. She was in a controversy about contraception but since she apologized for it, issue has been fixed. Then again, if Heaton is simply human just like all of us and would feel the need to do something about her booty calls, any way she sees fit, she will go out of her way just to make it happen. Whether it would mean risking some of her family’s legacy of a sort or whatever people thought she was fighting for. For Heaton, it’s just a matter of getting caught red-handed or not, in which case, she wasn’t really too exempted on unfortunately and she doesn’t give a damn either.

Because while she was thinking that she could entrust this hardcore cowgirl fuck clip she made while she’s in a hot costume and being her wild slutty self with some horny man, it will all boil down to someone being so damn curious as to how much they can get from it and how the world will react when this supposedly good-natured woman is exposed in her truest self. Lucky for the one who uploaded the video, Heaton was actually planning it all along. She says that’s why she’s all prepared and looking like a friggin’ porn star, she knew that at some point, this hardcore outdoor video will find its way on the web. She’s looking feisty and hot alright and she’s got the body for the show. No wonder she didn’t waste all these fine gifts and we’re glad to have found this video. She says she was just thinking of flashing her juicy tits and spreading her legs to show her wet snatch but the moment she saw her lover’s huge cock, she lost it completely. Giving hot sloppy head, doing a wild 69, banging rough, and getting sprayed out in the open, she didn’t use anything that could hinder what she’s feeling and pleased to take this man’s shaft inside her.

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August 3rd, 2010

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Patricia Heaton being pounded on by a large dick?! Check these photos and see for yourself! These are hardcore photos of everyone’s favorite television MILF. One photo is made to look Patricia is getting her pussy eaten out vigorously by that guy. These photos are so hot, I’m sure these photos will surely make even Ray Romano blush. Patricia got her screen-acting big break when she was cast in a recurring role on ABC’s television series thirtysomething.  If you want to see more Patricia Heaton naked photos, just click on the link.

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Patricia Heaton landed the role that would make her career and would make her the secret sex fantasy of men all over America, that of long-suffering matriarch Debra Barone on the hit CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. She starred on the show through its nine-year run, receiving seven consecutive Emmy nominations and two wins. In one of the photos featured here, she’s lying on her side and seems to be eagerly waiting for her lover to shoot his load inside her warm and well-lubricated vagina. In another photo, she’s getting her nipples sucked like there’s no tomorrow.

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